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bill-bartmannBill Bartmann, at one point one of the richest people in America, is an entrepreneur and self made billionaire who has created over two dozen different companies during his lifetime. He is most known for the debt collection business that he set up during the previous banking crisis profiting over 3 billion dollars, pioneering the debt buying industry in America.

He has also created a couple of books and DVDs which focus on helping people achieve more in their lives in terms of personal and financial success. On top of that he recently launched a home study program teaching people how to profit from buying bad loans.

It is said that Bill Bartmann is currently the only self made billionaire out there who is making himself available to the public showing people what it takes from a billionaire’s standpoint, to be successful.

Actual Customer Feedback

“Bartmann is a tuned-in guy; fully conscious and present – both through astute observation as well as an active interface.  He lives life fully and pays attention.”
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“I was inspired by his sincerity.  Throughout my own personal and business challenges I continue to draw upon his example of success to pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep moving into success.”
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“Bill Bartman has done a really great job in introducing the public to a massive business opportunity in the purchase and monetization of bad loans.”
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Our Verdict

People seem to be impressed with what Bill has to say more often than not.  Some are skeptical of what he has to offer, but anyone who has had several businesses and amassed billions of dollars over the years will come in for criticism, even if it is unwarranted.  Most criticism seems to be from people who think his methods are not for them.  Others have tried them and been very successful, which proves his methods work.  Many are also impressed with the way he imparts information.

Company Information

Bill Bartmann Enterprises, founded in 1993, is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and focuses on Business Training and Coaching for entrepreneurs. The company has developed a series of training programs teaching people the most critical factors for business success. It is a privately held company with the size of about 50 employees.

CFS II, also based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is debt collection agency that facilitates Bill, his business partners, and people who purchase Bill Bartmann's Debt Buying Home Study Program.

Product Specifications

Bill Bartmann has created a range of training programs:

Bill Bartmann's In Home Debt Buying Workshop:
A home-study program that teaches people the business opportunity of buying bad loans. Bill introduces his fool-proof tips and shows the ins and outs of the Buying Bad Loans business, from the perspective of assuming that you have no prior experience in it.

Billionaire Business Systems:
A system which gives advice on strengthening any business.  This system is available via a dedicated website, offering one year of complete access.  Each course is also available on a separate CD or DVD from Bill's main website.

How to Make Millions Buying Delinquent Credit Card Loans:
A DVD available for purchase from Bill’s official website teaching how to buy delinquent credit card loans.

Bailout Riches!:
A book written by Bill Bartmann together with Jonathan Rozek on how everyday investors can make a fortune by buying bad loans.

Regions Served

There is no information on limitations for ordering  Bill Bartmann’s products online. His 'In Home Buying Bad Loans Work Shop' can be shipped to anywhere in the world. If you order one of his books from a site such as, you should make sure they will ship it to your location before paying.

The Billionaire Business System website is an online access system so you can set up an account and pay for access no matter where you are in the world.

Help & Support

The Billionaire Business Systems website has a support email address included on the ‘Contact Us’ page.  An email address and dedicated phone support is available to anyone purchasing Bill Bartmann's home study program.

Product Price

Bill Bartmann's In Home Debt Buying Workshop - $2,995.

How to Make Millions Buying Delinquent Credit Card Loans” - $99.

The Billionaire Business Systems website can be accessed for a whole year for $1,000.  Individual BBS courses are available to buy on CD or DVD for $30 each, and also as transcripts for $10 each.

Bailout Riches has a cover price of $24.95, but is typically available in bookstores online and offline for lower prices.

Return Policy

No information on returns is listed on any of Bill’s websites.  If you order a book from another website such as, refer to their returns policy before ordering.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit Bill Bartmann’s Official Website

153 Responses to “ Bill Bartmann ”

  1. ben afroilan

    Helping people acquire freedom from debt is one crusade worth-fighting for. It is a win-win life for all parties – debtor, creditor bank, and Bartmann’s Associate. Is it possible for Bill Bartman to reduce the two-day seminar tuition fee so people like me can attend? How about a twelve-month payment plan?

  2. Editor

    I believe Bill’s company can make special arrangement payments over a couple of months or so for his Buying Bad Loans seminar, but don’t think 12 months.


  3. Jamie

    I just returned from the 2 day seminar in Tulsa, and absolutely loved it. Bill is a tremendously intelligent man :)

  4. colin

    I really like Bill,He’s been there done it and has the billions to show for it.

    Who else would you want to learn from?

    I know who I would.

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