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Buying Bad Loans Seminar

bill-bartmann-buying-bad-loans-seminarThe Buying Bad Loans Seminar has been created by self-made billionaire Bill Bartmann, at one point one of the richest people in America. The seminar which has been up and running since 2009, focuses on how buying bad loans can be turned into a profitable business.

Bill Bartmann, who was in debt by a million dollars during a previous banking crisis, created a debt collection business, which soon became a $3.5 billion company with 3900 employees.

As the title of the seminar suggests, Bill Bartmann teaches his time tested methods to acquire individual loans, from hundreds of banks, receiving 100% financing on every transaction. Additionally, the seminar creates an opportunity for serious individuals to become a true business partner with Bill, in the very same business he revolutionized and became a billionaire from. Read full review »

Bill Bartmann

bill-bartmannBill Bartmann, at one point one of the richest people in America, is an entrepreneur and self made billionaire who has created over two dozen different companies during his lifetime. He is most known for the debt collection business that he set up during the previous banking crisis profiting over 3 billion dollars, pioneering the debt buying industry in America.

He has also created a couple of books and DVDs which focus on helping people achieve more in their lives in terms of personal and financial success. On top of that he recently started running keynote seminars teaching people how to profit from buying bad loans.

It is said that Bill Bartmann is currently the only self made billionaire out there who is making himself available to the public showing people what it takes from a billionaire’s standpoint, to be successful. Read full review »

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