The Elevation Group

the_elevation_groupThe Elevation Group (EVG) is a membership site created by online millionaire Mike Dillard. It focuses on teaching the wealth strategies of the rich, touching on the secret strategies they use on a daily basis to amass more wealth.

The Elevation Group brings together a number of wealthy and knowledgeable individuals, many whom belong to the 10% that is creating 90% of the world’s wealth. The goal with EVG is to help ordinary people learn how to manage and grow their money in ways that are just reserved for the privileged rich.

The membership teaches how to manage finances and succeed with investments, how to profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history, how to create a private bank, protecting assets, enjoy a tax free retirement, buying and selling gold and silver and how to empower children to create a billion dollar family legacy, amongst several other things.

Actual Customer Feedback

“I am excited about having access to The Elevation Group and am doing whatever I can to implement as much as I possibly can.”
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“Because of the Elevation Group I decided to use some equity from my property portfolio and have turned that into actual physical precious metals. I am already seeing a better ROI because of the current climate in the property market/ precious metals market. I am staying close so that I will know the right time to profit.”
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“I am glad Mike is back. I can’t wait to read and see his next material on The Elevation Group website.”
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Our Verdict

The membership site certainly comes packed with a lot of information about investing and amassing wealth. Much of the information is not readily available to the general public; six figure sums are often paid by the privileged rich to get hold of this information in this much detail. Some of the world’s top investors are being interviewed by Mike Dillard for the overall benefit of the members. This group seems to be unique in the amount of quality information it has all in one place. It is obvious that Mike Dillard have put a lot of work into the site and people who have become members seem to be responding to this.

Company Information

The Elevation Group has been created by Mike Dillard and is based in Austin, Texas, USA. You can read a review about Mike Dillard here. The website has the full street address along with a contact phone number for those who need it.

Product Specifications

The Elevation Group is a membership site that requires a monthly subscription to be paid to access it. The site is packed with resources, lessons, topics and diary entries that all relate to the wealth creation strategies of the rich such as investing in precious commodities like gold and silver, capitalizing on wealth cycles, the powerful concept of Infinite Banking and preparing for a tax-free retirement. Stocks, business, banking and Forex investments are also included among other topics and resources.

Regions Served

The membership site is available to all countries and regions. Some of the wealth strategies included are focused on the US, but the vast majority of them are relevant to the entire world.

Help & Support

There is a ticketing support system accessible for all Elevation Group members: . From here members can submit any questions or membership support queries and there is also a section with the most frequently asked questions. They guarantee to respond to queries within seventy two hours at the most.

Product Price

The initial opening price for joining was $97 per month, but it has now been increased to the regular price of $197 per month. You can also invest in a yearly subscription to save money. This was initially $597 for the year but it has now gone up to the regular price of  $2,000 for an annual subscription.

Return Policy

The website has a no holds barred, no questions asked returns policy. If you want to cancel your membership at any time within the first thirty days after joining, you will receive a full and immediate refund of all monies paid.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit The Elevation Group’s Official Website