Maverick Business Insider

maverick_business_insiderThe Maverick Business Insider is a monthly newsletter and audio CD that have been put together by internet marketer Yanik Silver.  It gives insights into the lives of entrepreneurs and how they became so successful.

It also claims to focus only on those people who haven’t sacrificed their personal lives to earn lots of money.  As such, it reveals how these people have become successful in more ways than one.  It also claims to show readers how they can use the same techniques to become successful themselves.

Yanik is also well known for his Yanik Silver Underground Seminar.  This is usually available to attend twice a year, but the Maverick newsletter really gives you a chance of learning more and covering new ground every month.

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Actual Customer Feedback

“My free copy just arrived in the mail.  I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to receive this information.”
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“What can I say?  Yanik is an absolute inspiration!”
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“Not what I expected - BUT still loaded with GREAT content.”
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Our Verdict

It is difficult to find a negative review of this product online.  Everyone who has already received one or more issues of the newsletter seems very happy with the contents.  The product gives great value and a lot of insight into developing businesses in ways you may not have thought of before.  Some people have said that the product is not really aimed at beginners, but the price and content do point this out.  And the initial free issue gives you time to see whether it is suitable for your own needs or not.

Company Information

The company responsible for this product is Maverick Business Ink, LLC.  It is situated in Potomac, Maryland, USA.  The complete address, phone and fax numbers are stated on the website.  The man behind the company is the successful internet marketer Yanik Silver.

Product Specifications

The Maverick Business Insider is a monthly newsletter.  It also comes with an audio CD containing a different interview each month.  You also receive a transcript of that interview and a summary of it as well.

The free month’s trial also comes with a DVD and Mindmap of ‘Instant Leverage Points in your Business that Bring Surges of Cash’ and the ’34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs’ book, CD audio program and wall poster.

Regions Served

More than 250 countries are served by this product.  You simply choose your country from the drop down menu on the order form and the product will be sent from United States, to the country and address you that you put down.

Help & Support

At the bottom of the main sales page there is a link which takes you through to the Maverick Business Insider support centre.  If you have any questions about it or any problems regarding ordering, you just need to submit a ticket through this support centre.  It states that they will try to respond to all queries within 24 business hours.  As with the Yanik Silver Underground Seminar, the support, advice and knowledge you receive is known to be excellent.

Product Price

Charter membership to the newsletter is $39.95 per month.  The first month according to the offer stated is free.

Return Policy

You can cancel your subscription at any point without having to give any notice.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit Maverick Business Insider’s Official Website