5 Millionaire Secrets on Using Social Media Wisely

Social Media MarketingThere is no doubt that targeted lead generation is a big secret favoured by those successful entrepreneurs who don’t have time to waste on low quality leads.

But how do the rich business owners approach social media marketing, and what do they know that smaller companies have yet to learn?

From Facebook to Twitter, Youtube and the myriad other social platforms out there, the rich and famous have found ways to make their social channels work for them, rather than the other way around.

Obviously, being a brand name has its advantages when it comes to growing a large follower base, but smart business moguls have also learned how to increase their followers, gain more exposure for their business and convert their followers into customers.

The Millionaire Secrets to Social Media Marketing

So what do the world’s rich and famous have to advise when it comes to effective social media? Here are just some of the lessons they have to offer…

Finding the right balance – Lady Gaga

With well over 28 million followers, the pop sensation has achieved a balance of personal tweets, professional tweets, pictures and follower interaction that keeps her fan base growing every day. While promoting your business is one of the ways that you can use your social platforms, adding a personal touch helps followers relate to you on a deeper level. Interaction is also key with social, which means replying to tweets, retweeting things of value and engaging with your followers.

Listen to your customers – Ken Wisnefski, CEO of Webimax

Understanding what followers want will help you create a targeted strategy, rather than churning out updates that may not be relevant or even read. People have a huge interest in every small thing that celebrities such as Lady Gaga do, but this does not apply to businesses. Analyze your core target audience, and find out what they want – tips, useful information, product specials or promotions?

Push and Pull – Guy Kawasaki, Author and Technology Expert

Guy breaks down social media into two categories: push and pull. Twitter is push, with full control over what you publish and when you interact. Facebook is pull, with the need to attract people to your page in order to interact and convert. Understanding how each type of social media marketing works is important in order to get the benefit from each type.

Cross promotion opportunities – Ryan Seacrest, Television Host

Tony Novia, executive vice president for new media at Ryan Seacrest Productions says, “We sit on very valuable content and we try to use it to promote all of Ryan’s projects.” This includes promotional videos shared on Youtube and Twitter, along with other ventures that can be promoted on social channels. If you have multiple business interests, use your social space to cross promote to a wider audience.

Get blogging – One Direction

British boy band One Direction use free blogging platforms such as Tumblr as part of their social strategies, launching their US tour on this popular platform with great success. Blogging is a very useful social tool that can be used effectively alongside additional channels such as Twitter and Facebook, with the added benefit of multi-media content and no character limitations. Linking back to posts and encouraging blog readers to share blog content will also help to grow your audience.

As the world of technology expands, celebrities, millionaires and even those who are not yet rich have all embraced the social space. Used as part of your additional marketing efforts, knowing how to put your social media marketing to good use is one of the best millionaire secrets you can learn.

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