5 Unusual Ways to Become Rich

born rich editedHow often have you daydreamt about various ways to become rich and get out of your current economic slump?

Once or twice a month? Every day for the last year? Every minute since you arrived at work?

Let’s face it – there are very few people out there who don’t have this daydream at some point or another.

We often hear about those who have managed to make their dreams into a reality – lotto winners, trust fund babies (also known as ‘trustafarians’ in some circles’ and even those who have done it the hard way.

Today, we take a look at some of these success stories, to show you that there are actually quite a few ways to become rich – some easy, some less easy and some reliable and sensible.

More Challenging Ways to Become Rich

First up, we have some of the more challenging ways that you could pursue to try and become successful. These are not always possible, but at least some folk have managed to achieve their fortune this way.

1. Sue Someone – if you have a case that is worth taking to the courts, you could walk off with a nice few millions, assuming you win the case. One lucky complainant was New York City claims examiner Cedrick Makara, who won a $3 million jury verdict in a workplace injury case.

2. Strike Gold – investing in a metal detector may be one idea after you hear about unemployed UK resident Terry Herbert, who found 1,600 Anglo-Saxon gold and silver pieces on a friend’s farm that dated back to the 7th Century. The coins were valued at £3.285 million ($5.1 million), and Tony went from jobless to never having to work a day in his life again.

3. Catch a Home Run Ball – there are a few things that make this challenging. First, it has to be a record-breaking home run. Secondly, you have to be in the right place at the right time, as Phil Ozersky was. According to Sports Illustrated magazine, in 1998, Phil caught the Oakland A’s slugger Mark McGwire’s historic 70th home run ball of the season, which he sold for $3 million.

Easy Ways to Get Rich

Whoever said that money doesn’t grow on trees clearly didn’t come into wealth by birth or marriage. Here are some very easy ways to get rich without doing much at all.

4. Be Born Rich – what could be easier than simply being born into money? If your parents happen to own a global hotel chain, or perhaps rule the oil business, this is a no-brainer. Just look at the Kardashian sisters, who used their instant wealth to get even wealthier.

5. Marry Rich – then there is the age-old classic gold digging method of marrying into money. Finding a millionaire to marry may not be easy, but if you are supermodel or really good at charm and seduction, you could become a trophy wife or husband.

Realistic Ways to Build Your Wealth

Of course, all of these ways come with plenty of risks, luck and in some cases, a small miracle. What about realistic routes to wealth that can actually be achieved by everyday folks?

Starting a business, selling a business, inventing something the world can’t get enough of, starting a social network and even looking at investments or property are just some realistic ways to build your wealth.

We recommend that you focus more on realistic options than these somewhat unusual ways to become rich – that way, you will have far more chance of succeeding in your dreams.

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