6 Tasks Ideal for Offshore Outsourcing

offshoring vs outsourcing editedOffshore outsourcing has become standard practice for a number of businesses – from growing small enterprises to multi-national industries. In a down economy, this trend is seen more than ever.

A spin-off from outsourcing itself, the term ‘offshoring’ takes the idea one step further (or one continent further), by getting help from countries that are well-equipped to meet demands, without charging a fortune to do so.

Outsourcing benefits are varied, ranging from a more cost-effective way to get projects done, to reducing physical space limitations that arise from in-house staff, working towards a global economy and even benefiting from current exchange rates.

What sort of projects and work roles can you send over the seas, and when is the best time to consider offshoring?

What and When to Offshore Outsource

The best time to consider getting help from abroad with various projects is whenever the demand rises. If you find that you need help with writing, or your call center is turning out to cost too much to prove of any value, it is a good time to think more ‘globally’ in your provider search.

Typical job roles and services that fall under the offshore outsource category include the following:

1. Computer Assistance

Technical support (be it via phone, Live Help or even email) is in huge demand around the world. Microsoft is one big company that is establishing roots in India to take advantage of the highly skilled and fairly low-cost labor to be found in emerging markets such as this.

2. Call Centers

Call centers are another popular role that is sourced internationally. If you have watched the sit-com ‘Outsourced’, you will know that this does not come without its share of challenges. Overall however, the costs are low, and if you train operators well, you can reap the rewards.

3. Digital Assistants

The new PA is entirely virtual, and often is not even based in the same country as you. Ideal for dealing with diaries, email, meeting management and other basic tasks, a Virtual or Digital Assistant can be enjoyed at a much lower cost than a full-time one – even if you never get to see them face to face.

4. Website Services

SEO, website development, web design, social media and many other web services are being sourced from emerging areas at a rapid rate. This is partly due to the excellent costs, but also due to the level of skill and talent to be found outside of the US.

5. Writers

Many companies join the ranks of newspapers, websites, book publishers, authors and even movie studios to find skilled content producers. Writers can be found around the world, producing content such as blogs, books, press releases, speeches, annual reports, screenplays and even website content, depending on the needs of their clients.

6. Drafters

In the design world, drafters from around the world are also in huge offshore outsource demand. These designers rely on their skills and knowledge of engineering, using specs and other info to take project idea from concept to visual outline.

Offshoring vs Outsourcing

Now that you have a better idea of offshoring vs outsourcing, along with the various tasks that could be delegated internationally, you should also have an idea of why this route is proving to be a good investment.

Part of learning effective money habits is finding better ways to get things done. From cutting down costs on projects or support services, to utilizing the huge wealth of talent to be found around the world, offshore outsourcing offers a great way to get your tasks done quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

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