How to Stop Stalling and Think Like a Millionaire…

buying time edited 2How often in the past month have you wished that you were a millionaire or that you were able to think like one?

Sometimes, often, every single day?

The majority of folks are not even rich, let along raking in the millions, nor do they have the millionaire mindset like that of Donald Trump, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson.

There are many, many reasons for this of course – some more complicated than others. But the biggest obstacles are ones that we put there ourselves. Stalling is quite possibly the biggest of them all.

Do the rich and successful stall in their quest to become highly rich successful? Do they make excuses for not changing their mindsets or continually working on their mindset, or find reasons that they have not managed to achieve their goals?

How do millionaires think, and how do they navigate that stalling stumbling block?

Thinking like a millionaire is not simply a case of wanting to be wealthy, or daydreaming about making your mark on the world. This attitude is a lot more complex, especially as a lot of thinking patterns need to be shifted from the ones you have had growing up.

What you need to know about this shift in thinking is that once you have mastered the art of thinking like a truly wealthy person, you will be well on your way to actually being successful and living the life you have always wanted.

For now though, we are focusing on one integral aspect of this attitude – the part that deals with stalling.

How Stalling Prevents Your Ability to Think Like a Millionaire

You could see it as making excuses, telling yourself that you do not deserve to succeed, procrastinating, attempting ‘quick fix’ options rather than putting in the work or even believing that you should be grateful to have even the meager income that you receive rather than wanting more.

Whatever shape it takes, stalling is a huge obstacle when it comes to succeeding. You can’t truly think like a millionaire if you are not prepared to act like one too after all.

Here is what stalling does to ruin your potential chances of success:

• Prevents action by making you miss out on opportunities
• Limits your ability to take control over your own life
• Reduces motivation and drive to succeed
• Increases fear of taking risks or failing
• Fosters self-limiting thinking and ideals

None of those negative results are found in millionaires like Richard Branson and the like who are making things happen, and they should not be found in you either.

Whatever is currently holding you back – lack of skills, fear of making a mess of things, other people’s criticism, even laziness or a lack of willpower and drive… think about what it could do to stop you from finally reaching your financial goals.

Once you know WHAT is stalling you, you will be able to much easier smash that obstacle out of the way and start doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Improve those skills, overcome that fear, stop listening to the ‘haters’ and motivate yourself to get cracking.

It really is that simple – dealing with stalling and getting rid of whatever is stalling you is one of the most effective and powerful ways to start thinking like a millionaire, and becoming one too.

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