The Instant Millionaire – Fact or Fiction?

instant successThe term ‘instant millionaire’ is one that you will come across at some point or another. Perhaps in a news report on the latest web 2.0 genius who sold his software company for an almost obscene amount.

Or, the property mogul who saw potential for untapped profit in an estate on the latest tropical island hotspot.

It could even have been a story told around the water cooler about someone who discovered a product that took consumer markets by storm.

While it is not entirely impossible to achieve that kind of success overnight, those who have actually managed to become millionaires know that the reality of instant wealth is quite a bit different to the ideal.

Overnight Success: The Reality versus The Ideal

The secrets to fame and fortune do not include luck. For the most part, true success is rooted in mindset, action, perseverance and the ability to recognize opportunities when they arise, not to mention the ability to take calculated risks. Luck is winning the lottery, or inheriting a huge sum of money. Those sort of ‘opportunities’ may turn you into an overnight millionaire, but it is not quite the same as becoming a self-made success.

There is nothing at all wrong with believing that you have what it takes to make it. There is nothing wrong with affirming positive thoughts every day until it is second nature. That is all part of developing a sound financial blueprint for yourself. But without action, perseverance and those other attributes mentioned above, those thoughts are just that… thoughts.

Did that software guru become a millionaire overnight, simply because he dreamed big? That may be what the media will have you believe. More likely than not however; that success was anything but instant. He may have spent years honing his skill, and he could have had any number of setbacks before he found the web tool that would catapult him to glory. The same thing applies to almost every report or story about those ‘lucky’ people who seem to have simply made it overnight.

Everyone dreams about becoming an instant millionaire, and there are very few (if any) people who do NOT want to learn how to become one. The difference between the actual wealthy folk who achieve financial success and the regular folk who never get past daydreams is that the wealthy make things happen. They invest a great deal of time, energy and effort into following through – taking seminars, learning whatever they can, perfecting their skills, taking opportunities, taking action in spite of fear and working hard to make their goals a reality rather than an ideal ‘if only…’ scenario.

So is there such thing as the instant millionaire? Perhaps. Is that the same thing as those who achieve everything they want in life? Absolutely not.

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