What is the Millionaire Mindset and How is it Achieved?

millionaire mindset editedIf you are reading this post, chances are good that you have been trying to find out about the often talked about (but seldom fully explained) millionaire mindset.

This term is used a lot to describe the way that the wealthy and successful think, but even that is too broad an explanation of what this really means.

You may know a bit about how attitude is everything when it comes to succeeding in just about any area of life.

What you might not know is just how true this really is in the case of achieving financial success.

Let’s take a look at what it means to truly think like a millionaire… and as a result, live wealthy too.

What Does it Really Mean to Have a Millionaire Mindset?

Growing up, you may have thought that making it big was something that happened almost by magic. You may have had big dreams, or even millionaire mind goals of triple figure income and an amazing beach house.

But the lessons you learned during this time soon gave you a dose of reality. Things did not work out, so you stopped trying. Maybe on some level you didn’t really believe that you deserved to succeed, or maybe you were too afraid to take any chances that would put you on the right path.

The millionaire mindset focuses on the difference between that ‘not yet wealthy’ attitude, and a successful, wealthy attitude.

Inside the Mind of a Millionaire

So with that type of shift in your thinking, a look inside the mind of a millionaire could be something like this:

1.   A millionaire thinks: “I create my life.” A non-wealthy person thinks: “Life happens to me.”

2.   The wealthy are in the money game to win it. The non-wealth play it simply to stay afloat and not lose.

3.   The wealthy commit every ounce of their being to success. The non-wealthy only daydream about success.

4.   The wealthy think big. The non-wealthy think small.

5.   The wealthy are focused on opportunity. The non-wealthy are focused on obstacles.

6.   The wealthy respect and associate with other successful people. The non-wealth resent successful people.

7.   The wealthy surround themselves with positive influences. The non-wealthy waste time on negative people who bring them down even further.

8.   The wealthy have no qualms about self-promotion. The non-wealthy feel embarrassed to promote themselves.

9.   The wealthy are bigger than their problems. The non-wealthy are smaller than their problems.

10. The wealthy are good at getting. The non-wealthy are bad at getting.

11.  The wealthy make their fortune based on results. The non-wealthy make income based on time.

12.  The wealthy think “both”. The non-wealthy think “either”.

13.  The wealthy are focused on their net value. The non-wealthy are focused on their basic income.

14.  The wealthy are good at managing their money. The non-wealthy fail to manage their money properly and often end up in serious debt.

15.  The wealthy make their money work hard for them. The non-wealthy keep working hard for their money.

16.  The wealthy act regardless of any fears or doubts. The non-wealthy see these as obstacles and cannot get past them.

17.  The wealthy are always growing and learning. The non-wealthy assume they know all there is to know.

What the Millionaire Mindset is Not

Now that you have a better understanding of what the millionaire mind IS, you should also realize what it is NOT.

This mindset is not about getting from zero to hero overnight. While it is true that the instant millionaire exists in some cases, for the most part the truly successful have spent a great deal of time, energy and effort perfecting their attitude and growing their wealth.

It is also not about taking short cuts either, or considering unethical opportunities that result in quick profit but long-term risks. It certainly isn’t about cheating either.

Essentially, what the millionaire mindset is truly about is learning to retrain your way of thinking, to create the right attitude that is driven to success.

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  1. Sian Phillips

    I love this post. I’ve always tried to have a Millionaire Mindset but looking at your list I’m only managing about 50%. Must try harder! Thanks for sharing this post on Bizsugar.com

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