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peak potentials training logoPeak Potentials Training is a business and personal success training company in the United States and Canada, founded by self-made millionaire and best-selling author T. Harv Eker.

The company’s self stated goal is to “help people identify and overcome the hidden obstacles that hold them back from reaching their full potential.”

Peak Potentials Training offers a variety of seminars, courses, and camps that claim to inspire “changes that include higher incomes, greater net worth, better relationships, true power and a sense of inner peace.”

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Actual Customer Feedback

“Peak Potentials and the MMI is truly worth your time. You will be laughing and crying so much that you will be glad that you invested your time and money towards your goal of being a millionaire and more.”
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“Peak Potentials has got some truly amazing courses. I've been to three of their seminars and all of them have been life changing...”
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“The Millionaire Mind Intensive by Peak Potentials is 3 very full days of educational information and transformational exercises, designed to break you out of the bad habits and negative thoughts that hold you back in life.”
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"Have been to Warrior twice, and the MMI... Absolutely great courses! and they have inspired me to create a business that can both make lots of money and give back at the same time."
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Our Verdict

General online consensus about Peak Potentials Training courses and camps is positive. Most users rated the their seminars highly, citing the competent instructors, worthwhile material, and general motivating influence of the courses or camps. Users who rated the programs lower often cited a sense of being “sold” on other products and seminars throughout the day. Overall, however, users found the materials to be beneficial and worth the cost of admission.

Company Information

Founded in 1994, Peak Potentials Training is based in San Diego, Califonia. The company currently has over 160 employees and presents seminars, workshops, and courses throughout United States and Canada. T. Harv Eker also works in partnership with an outside event company, Success Resources, for his signature seminar-  the Millionaire Mind Intensive -  that he hosts twice a year in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam), twice a year in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Spain) and twice a year in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Perth). For further information on Success Resources please refer to the 'Millionaire Mind Seminar' report on this website.

Product Specifications

Peak Potentials Training - Full Range of Courses and Camps:

Millionaire Mind Intensive
SuccessTracs Coaching Program
Life Directions Intensive
Train the Trainer I
Train the Trainer II
Wealth and Wisdom
Extreme Wealth
Guerilla Business School
Quantum Leap Packages
The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar
Extreme Health
Never Work Again
Master Your Mind
Master of Influence
Ultimate Internet Bootcamp
Peak State of Mind (new for fall 2010)
Enlightened Warrior Training Camp
Wizard Training Camp
Mind of Steel Heart of Gold
Ultimate Leadership Camp

Complete course descriptions is available at the official Peak Potentials Training website.

Regions Served

Peak Potentials signature seminar, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, typically serves the U.S and Canada throughout the whole year covering both the east coast and the west coast. It is a 3 full day seminar which runs Friday through Sunday.

The remaining of Peak Potentials Training courses and seminars (covered in the list above) are generally held only once or twice per year in different locations across the U.S and Canada so spaces are more limited.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive and a few other of Peak Potentials seminars can also be attended in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Spain), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Perth) however these are hosted by an outside event company called Success Resources. This list of countries may expand in the future.

Help & Support

All support - billing, customer service etc. is handled by staff who can assist you over the phone (toll free U.S number at 1-888-868-8883).

Product Price

Varies with course or camp. To find out the price of  T. Harv Eker's signature seminar, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, visit the Millionaire Mind Intensive Report on this website.

Return Policy

To find out information regarding Peak Potentials cancellation and transfer policies for all of their courses and camps contact Peak Potentials Training toll free at 1-888-868-8883 or visit their official website for further information.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit Peak Potentials Training’s Official Website

20 Responses to “ Peak Potentials Training ”

  1. Derek Olson

    Harv and all the Peak trainers and speakers have really changed the path for our family. It has encouraged me so much that I wrote

    Join us!

  2. Cleo Stevenson
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    T. Harv Eker book was the first to open my mind up to a whole new world of reality. Every since i have been following his succes trial. It’s very hard to find good sound teaching on money and success. I think this website is a geat idea to keep people updated on what’s new in the millionaires world.

  3. Greg
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I agree with Cleo. The Peak Potentials training is one of the best things.
    It sets you up for life and you meet some incredible folks too.

  4. Kay Reynolds
    Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Value For Money44444

    Some of this training is a bit too “rah rah” for me and it doesn’t help you maintain motivation.

    That being said, there is a lot of practical training too, tools and useable materials.

    One of the problems is overwhelm so it’s best to keep in touch with other attendees you meet who are already successful at what they do. They can help keep you “on track” with yourself so you get the most out of the time you put in.

    I find that Peak Potentials courses are pretty good value for money.

  5. Jay Thakoor

    Hi Harv,

    My name is Jay and I wish to propose an event for
    South Africa. I don’t know if I am mailing this
    information to the right department. If not, the
    receiver may help me by forwarding this to Harv.
    Also if you have any direct info to talk to Harv.
    I’ll appreciate your help. Kind regards, Jay

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve been to T. Harv’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar and I have mixed reviews. Yes, it is very motivational. He’s a great speaker.

    However, if you are one of those people who is easily talked into buying stuff, this course is NOT for you.

    1. the “employees” working at the events are volunteers, they’re not even getting paid to work there. It feels a bit cult-like…

    2. Nobody pays the $1,000 ticket price for the Millionaire Mind Intensive. The tickets are ALWAYS given away free, but they say $1,000 on them because if you had a ticket for free that had no monetary value, how likely would you be to show up to the event? It’s always free because they usually make about a million dollars a weekend at these “free events” (this was told to me directly by T. Harv Eker when he was trying to sell a small group of us on his “Train the Trainer” program.) Not that making a million bucks in a weekend is a bad thing, he deserves to be paid for his time. But his sales tactics are not exactly honest.

    3. You will get motivated by this course. He’s a good motivator and an even better manipulative salesman. The course is long and by the end of it you’re exhausted. This is one of the tactics used by cults to easily manipulate people. They get you all motivated and hyped up, build up a good rapport, and then they get you nice and tired out so you’re not on the defensive when they throw out their terrible sales tactics.

    4. The tactic they use to sell their very expensive programs (thousands and thousands of dollars) is to use hard sales techniques. They essentially tell you that if you DON’T sign up for a $10,000 course, you’re a loser who doesn’t want to do what it takes to be successful or rich. They don’t care if you have to max out your credit cards or mortgage your home so you can take the course… that’s what’s expected if you’re “serious”

    So it’s buyer beware… or attendee beware. If you’re going to go, bring enough money for meals and LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS AT HOME! If you think you might want to buy one of his books or CDs bring some spending cash for that, but leave your credit cards at home! If you go in knowing what it’s all about, and KNOWING the manipulation techniques they use, then you will be much better prepared. There is value in the course and if you can afford one of his very expensive programs, I see nothing wrong with taking it. But it’s the people who are there search for hope and answers, and then get manipulated into blowing money they don’t have that bothers me.

    I’m not saying his courses don’t have value, but you will be forking out an arm & a leg. And trying to get a REAL review of a course from a real student is next to impossible because they have an affiliate program, so of course people are going to say everything was wonderful (even if it wasn’t) so they can try and recoup some of the money they spent by convincing you to sign up for the course through them or their website. His program is MLM so how can you trust what people say about his courses when they are making a commission on whatever they’re able to sell to you?

    And I never considered what someone else pointed out… if you go, you’ll notice that a bunch of people sitting in the aisle seats will RUSH to the tables to sign up for courses when Harv announces the deal they’re offering. But if you go to the table and look closely, you’ll see that most of them don’t actually sign up… they’ll just be there looking at pamphlets and stuff, not giving their credit card info to sign up for the class… they could very easily be volunteer plants in the crowd. This is a tactic used by shady salesmen and carnival scammers… they get one or two people planted in the crowd who get excited and say they want the product, and that builds up the hype and excitement and encourages others to buy. I didn’t witness this for myself at the event, mainly because I wasn’t paying attention, but everything else I’ve experienced myself and based on that, it seems extremely plausible and probable. It matches their high-pressure sales techniques perfectly.

    So just be aware… and another thing to consider. You know how Google gives you the most searched-for keywords when you start typing in a search? Type in t harv eker and the second most popular search is “tharv eker SCAM” which means a LOT of people have the same question as you do.

    Good luck!

  7. anonymous

    We loved Harv’s book and found MMI very inspiring. BUT we are trying to reschedule Gorilla Business School for personal reasons. KEEP IN MIND, they have had our payment in FULL for months now and they have the audacity to want to charge us $500 to reschedule. but get this, the next one is 2011. This is outrageous and really puts a bad taste in our mouth. When sending Peak Potentials an email, I have NEVER received a personal response.
    How can they justify $500 to reschedule an event!!
    Very disappointed Ambassador affiliates! (what do you think we will say now?)

  8. Sarah Marie Jones
    Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money44444

    I have nothing but good things to say about Peak Potentials Training as a company….

    I’ve attended three seminars with them; The MMI, Extreme Wealth and Enlighten Warrior Training.

    I had to reschedule Extreme Wealth 2 years back but had no issues getting hold of them, “anonymouns” – maybe you’ve got the wrong email address. I’d rather phone them if I were you.

  9. lora

    i’m looking to buy a ticket to wizard camp in nj july 2010. please email me with a price at


  10. Denise White
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    Have attended Millionaire Mind Intensive twice and another course. Have seen it alter lives including mine! My brother got his life back… able to get rid of years of rage of being a victim (of not being born richer). Both were wonderful investments in shifting my life and well worth the time and investment. Understand that there are lots of opportunities to enroll in their other seminars (i.e. selling) BUT you are not obligated to enroll and have the power to just say NO – not today.

    But I can speak highly for the value of what I received for the cost of the seminars. They gave me life like I’ve never known it- thanks to all!


    I am from the Philippines and interested to attend to one of your seminars. Can you send me your upcoming program schedules in singapore? Thank you very much.

  12. Marlene Lam

    If anyone is looking to go to Wizard Training Camp for less, look no further! I have a Wizard Training ticket, normally priced at $3200, going for $2500! I have experienced this camp, and it made that summer the best one of my life. Email me for more info:

  13. john s.

    anonymous comment from Jan. 22 seems to be pretty accurate.. I atteneded a mmi event last year and it didn’t feel a bit cult like but ALOT cult like. It was one of ecker’s trainer’s performing, he spoke just like eker, same tonality and same words too. I noticed quite a number of people leaving halfway through the first day..the speaker mentioned that those are the losers .. In my book they are the smart ones.. I could only stomach half way through the second day to see if there was any meat and basically it was mostly pitches for their expensive programs. The speaker was literally yelling at the participants that those who don’t sign up are stupid ?? oh and i questioned the speaker on one of bullshit claims saying they will teach how to get up to 70% return on your investments guaranteed!!!! now if you have any experience in life u know thats pure b.s. so I went along and asked give me an example of such an investment ? his answer you have to take the other course. translation? I think you can guess..
    There are people who can do and those who can talk, most speakers can only talk.. and make $ from suckers who will pay them for their speeches and products. most of these clowns could’t earn a descent living otherwise if their life depended on it.If you want to be successful go seek those that are doing in most cases they’ll offer you free help..
    with some books for additional help and getting your own hands dirty and you should be just fine. No need for expensive programs that just brainwash you to keep purchasing more of their programs for the rest of your life. making them rich and you poor

  14. Morgan M
    Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money44444

    Interesting comment John S, seems like you operate from a place of lack and scarcity, if anyone follows Harv’s work and has attended any of his back end programs,you will know the immense value Harv provides.

    Harv is not stupid he knows what he is doing, he is a master marketer, and if you are smart enough you will watch him closely & learn from him.

    Cause of the immense value Harv provides with his back end courses, he and his trainers can afford to call people losers when they walk half way out, cause those walk outs are the ones with tunnel vision who are not open minded enough to stay on.

    Of course Peak Potentials is going to promote backend courses, what do you expect? there is no such thing as a free lunch you know…

    …but in saying that 80% of the 3 day intensive seminar is pure value content and experience with ah ha moments on wealth psychology and life, where the other 20% is promoting other courses for your own good.

    The funny thing is that all people who have attended Harv’s back end courses have never got anything negative to say, its only the freebie seekers with broke mindset’s that are the ones to complain, go figure…

    If you are wealthy and operate from a place of abundance you know that complaining ain’t going to get you anywhere and simply don’t have the time for it!

    Seriously people have an open mind, attend the whole Millionaire Mind Intensive program and judge for yourself, and remember its not a cult, its purely smart marketing. If it were a cult then Peak Potentials will keep hounding you over the phone etc, which they never do. So with that said just know that you are going to be promoted too for the great value you are getting in return, and its up to you whether you want to follow the promotion or switch off and just focus on the great value the MMI seminar teaches you on wealth psychology, I would suggest take note of the promotions from a marketing angle and learn from it and take notes.

    And remember those back end courses were created for you to take you to the next level, not to rip you off, if they were created to rip you off Peak Potentials would be out of business long time ago. there is a reason why Peak Potentials Training have been successfully running as North America’s fastest personal development and business training company for the last 10+ years

    The ones that say Peak’s is a cult and walk half way out are freebie seekers looking for a free lunch and simply cant afford anything Peak’s promotes for a number of excuses, so its best they walk out and continue their lives with the general public and let the smart ones stay to learn and become that 2% of the successful ones.

    By the way take note of all the comments on this site, they are pretty much all positive, so that pretty much rounds that up.

    Plus if you think a book can give you what a seminar can, think again and smell the coffee…

    …live events are a 100 times more powerful where you get to learn at a cellular level of “look, feel, touch, talk, share, experience etc”, where a book is just “look”. Don’t get me wrong books are great and great value for money if that’s all you can afford, but they cant be compared to a seminar ie: read Secrets Of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, and then go to the MMI seminar and you will see what I mean.

    Remember you pay for what you get, pay cheap and get cheap results, pay more and get more results, if you cant afford to pay more, then find a way and use your creativity to make more, at least just attend the MMI without paying for anything and implement what you learn t.

    Anyway keep an open mind, and be a student of life and not a statistic of the general population.

  15. Sean
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money44444

    I think this is a good summary of the program. It has been very beneficial for me and I support them. As with most programs the success comes with YOUR ability to implement the processes, if you do nothing when you get back from an event then you will not be successful, success always lies with us and our actions.

  16. Sally Enos Williams

    I recently purchased the book and am enjoying the read.

  17. Maria

    In regards to Morgan’s comment on 5th July 2010: Touché!
    “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul”. This is an excerpt from William Henley’s Poem “Invictus”, used by Nelson Mandela to inspire others. So do you get it yet? You hold the power in your own mind to make the decisions that will lead to a fulfilling life (whatever that is for you) and in doing so, you inspire others to do the same. And here’s the crunch – that’s what Harv does! He doesn’t motivate, he inspires!
    If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

  18. gaetano

    I hope to enjoy this week in Rimini (Italy), to learn by Harv Eker. Also if Already read His book. I am very curious to learn These Principles to Become financial free for more income and wealth.
    After this course I Could Talk about better.

  19. aware

    There are no plants in the audience and Peaks client care has made huge changes is their response. These courses work but only if you apply them in your life. I know I am a past QL member and now work for the company.

  20. Teresa

    I have a ticket for sale “Never Work Again” Dec 1st – Dec 4th 2001 in Century City

    email me if you are interested please

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