The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar

millionaire mind intensive The Millionaire Mind Intensive is a three day seminar about changing mindsets and financial practices in order to increase income and accumulate wealth. T. Harv Eker, the presenter, is a self-made millionaire who claims the ability to change a person’s “financial blueprint” to allow him/her to “think like a rich person.”

The seminar claims to not only teach people about their financial blueprint, but to change it right on the spot… In response to the growing fear of today’s economy, T. Harv Eker has recently modified the Millionaire Mind Intensive to include a segment focused specifically on how to be successful in today’s turbulent times.

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Actual Customer Feedback

“Truly worth your time, you will be laughing and crying so much that will be glad that you invested your time and money towards your goal of being a millionaire and more.”
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What an event... It changed my life financially in so many ways.
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“MMI is 3 very full days of educational information and transformational exercises, designed to break you out of the bad habits and negative thoughts that hold you back in life.”
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T Harv Eker is an absolutely fantastic mentor. His millionaire mind weekend intensive literally changed my entire life...
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Our Verdict

General online consensus about the seminar is positive. Most users rates the seminar highly, citing the competent instructors, worthwhile material, and general motivating influence of the course. Users who rated this seminar lower often cited a sense of being “sold” on other products and seminars throughout the course. Overall, however, users found the seminar to be beneficial and worth the cost of admission.

Company Information

The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is presented by T. Harv Eker’s training company, Peak Potentials Training. Founded in 1994, the company now has over 160 employees and presents seminars, workshops, and courses throughout North America and Canada. T. Harv Eker also works in partnership with an outside event company, Success Resources, for the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar that he hosts twice a year in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam), twice a year in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Perth) and twice a year in Europe (London-U.K, Berlin-Germany, Amsterdam-Holland, Rimini-Italy & Barcelona-Spain).

Product Specifications

The Millionaire Mind Intensive is a 3 full day seminar which runs Friday through Sunday. This applies to all countries where the seminar is held.

In United States and Canada the seminar runs throughout the year covering both the east coast and west coast.

In Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam) the Millionaire Mind Intensive is held twice a year (once in fall and once in spring).

For the European audience the Millionaire Mind Intensive is generally held  twice a year, once in fall and once in spring in five cities around Europe; London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rimini and Barcelona.

In Australia the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar takes place on a twice per year basis in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

Regions Served

The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar can be attended in North America, Canada, Europe (U.K, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Perth). The list of countries may expand in the future.

Help & Support

All support and customer service etc. is handled by staff who can assist you over the phone or via email. Contact information can be found by visiting the relevant international website links above.

Product Price

Price for Millionaire Mind Intensive, United States - Canada:
$FREE – One General Admission Seat. (includes a Seminar Workbook)

$97 - One Premium Admission Seat (includes premium seating behind the VIP section, a 165-page workbook, an autographed edition of Harv Eker's best seller; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and the Secrets of the Rich 10-CD collection.

$297 – One V.I.P seat (includes "front and center" seating, a 165-page workbook, an autographed edition of Harv Eker's best seller; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Secrets of the Rich 10-CD collection, The Millionaire Mind Intensive Home Learning Course, and access to a special 30-minute Q & A session).

Price for Millionaire Mind Intensive, Europe (United Kingdom):
£27 – One Premium Seat (includes a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection and a Millionaire Mind Intensive Workbook).

£77 – One V.I.P Front Row Seat (includes V.I.P priority check-in, a V.I.P tote bag, a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection and a Millionaire Mind Intensive Workbook).

£127 – Two V.I.P. Front  Row Seats (includes VIP Priority Check-in, a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection, five additional scholarships to the Millionaire Mind Intensive, 2 VIP Tote Bags and 2 Seminar Workbooks).

Price for Millionaire Mind Intensive, Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Spain):
€97 – General Seating For One (includes a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection and a Millionaire Mind Intensive Workbook).

€197 – General Seating For One + Translation of the Seminar (includes a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection and a Millionaire Mind Intensive Workbook).

€197 – Two V.I.P. Front  Row Seats (includes V.I.P Priority Check-in, a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection, five additional scholarships to the Millionaire Mind Intensive, 2 V.I.P Tote Bags and 2 Seminar Workbooks).

€297 – Two V.I.P. Front  Row Seats + Translation of the Seminar  (includes V.I.P Priority Check-in, a "Secret of the Rich" 8 CD/2 DVD Collection, five additional scholarships to the Millionaire Mind Intensive, 2 V.I.P Tote Bags and 2 Seminar Workbooks).

Price for Millionaire Mind Intensive, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam):
S$98/RM245 – One General Admission Seat (includes course material).

S$245/RM650 - Two front of house V.I.P. Seats (includes V.I.P Priority Check-in, 5 additional scholarships to the MMI, The Secret Psychology of Wealth 8 CD/2 DVD Collection, V.I.P Tote Bags and 2 Millionaire Mind Intensive Workbooks).

Price for Millionaire Mind Intensive, Australia:
FREE – General Seating For One (includes a Seminar Workbook).

AUD$268 – Two V.I.P. Front Row Seats (includes V.I.P Priority Check-in, The Secret Psychology of Wealth 8 CD/2 DVD Collection, 2 V.I.P Tote Bags, and 2 Seminar Workbooks).

Return Policy

To find out information regarding Millionaire Mind Intensive cancellation policy, billing etc. contact the relevant country's customer service over the phone or via email.

U.S & Canada Customer Support: +1-888-868-8883
Europe: +44 20 7665 8261
Asia: +65 6299 4677
Australia: +61 2 8098 8100

Official Website

Click Here to Visit The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar’s Official Website

52 Responses to “ The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar ”

  1. Sarah Thomson
    Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money55555

    Thought i’d be the first to make a comment about the MMI seminar… I attended this seminar in October last year and i have to say it was life changing… I was very sceptical at first because why would anyone give away seminar tickets so cheap. Yes they do recommend other courses but heck, i got so much out of it it didnt bother me the least… Im better off financially now than i was last year only due to a few vital changes i made in my life – and that i am truly grateful for. If i didnt go i would never have known how to implement these changes… so all in all no complaints really – definately worth the money. :)

  2. Dean Meehan
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money44444

    Have just finished off my first night at the MMI in London – i’m loving it! Thanks for bringing the seminar to my attention.


  3. Ivan Lovric
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I am proudly declaring the fact;
    T. Harve Eker & Success Resources
    Have changed my life!

    I don’t know how they did it, nevertheless they did it!

    I am a different man now, than I was only few days ago, wow, totally blown away and I am still riding high, because of this experience they have aloud me to have, I now want to help change life of thousands even millions of people, same way they do, every day.

    I want to be part of EVOLUTION, do you!?

    Ivan Lovric

  4. ivan Lovric

    Author: Mary
    Hi, I have two questions 1- When I signed up they said they only charge for the tickets if I don’t show up so it is actuallt free…is that true? 2- What is the blank check for? Thankssss :-)

    1. It is FREE!
    2. I am not aloud to tell you because it will spoil your surprise, although I am sure it’s not for what you think!

    kind regards

    Ivan Lovric

  5. Gildardo

    We need this in México, now!!!!!!!

  6. Rita

    come to Australia !

  7. Ian Toyntons

    Seems from the comments above a lot of people got good value from the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

    But has it really changed your life for the better?
    I am always skeptical about these things when people talk them up too much.

    For example, why do they give away free tickets in the US and Canada but not in Europe or Asia?

    If it helps you get ahead in life then good luck I guess – if I could get a free ticket to one of the venues in the US I might go just to see what the fuss is all about. I know my attitude could do with a bit of adjustment.

  8. Gabi
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I just loved T. Harv Eker’s book. It is AMAZING! I learned a lot and I am sure my financial life is changing for the better, since I am a millionaire in making.
    It is a shame I cannot go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive because I live too far from there, in South America.
    Anyway, I just would like to say an special thanks for Eker. His kind words have become important pieces of my financial freedom!

  9. Fadzuli

    Went for it last November 08. Going again for a refresher here in Singapore Nov 09.

  10. Linda Camurato
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    Are you ready to change your financial future, for good?
    Well then you’d be mad to miss the next Millionaire Mind Intensive !

    Are you skeptical? Well then nothing can be done in your case. you are your worst enemy. Yes that’s true that many people are trying to sell you many crappy things but if you really want to change, once and for all, you’ve got to attend that seminar and not just a few hours here and there! From 7 to 11 for the entire 3 days event!

    Commit and watch you financial life change for the better. You’ll NEVER regret this and you’ll have so much fun on the top of it!

  11. Asan

    Dear Harv Eker and Millionaire Mind Team,
    I would like to assist you bringing your Seminars to Ukraine, I hope the day of our cooperation comes soon,
    Thanks! Asan

  12. Maddy

    Well – I’m sorry to throw a damp squid into this but….

    On Dec 4th I paid £137 for two VIP seats to the February London event and on Dec 7th I cancelled them – in line with their Terms and Conditions. The reasons are not important.

    Since that time I have been trying to get my money back from Success Resources and have been fobbed off with, “We’re looking into it, I’m checking with the finance department and latterly – it has been sent to Singapore.!”

    At NO TIME has anyone ever actively returned my telephone call in spite of saying they would,and it is now over a week since my last contact with them!

    That doesn’t say anything about the quality of the training, nor is it a comment about Harv Eker who I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with the administration, but it does say a lot about Success Resources that organises the event!

    The lack of integrity of this organisation in my view reflects badly and unfairly on Harv and his event.

  13. Mike Hall

    Great event. You will be sold to (as you may expect) but you get a lot of content as well.

    I am really good with my finances now, in fact we have paid an extra 30k off our mortgage in the past year and we plan to be mortgage free by Aug 2014. This is solely due to going to th programme.
    I was completely useless before, I used to never open bank statements, bills, etc.

    The course gave me the motivatation and some great skills to actually start to make a difference. I am not saying I’m a millionaire, but financially I’m in a better position than befoe the programme!

    I went with the mind set of – I will not be sold to! But to be honest we got massive value and we ended up booking a course as a result of attending.

    We went onto to do their 5 day guerilla business course, which was great and then to do another course with a guy called Joel Roberts out in New York. He was great as well.

    Success resources who host the training in the UK are a pretty good company.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Dave Lee

    Hi I heard so much about the MMi seminars and was wondering when the next UK seminars was so I can start making plans from now. I would be grateful if you could let me know when the next UK seminar is please.

  15. Editor

    Hi Dave,

    The next Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in the U.K will be held 13th – 15th May, 2011. The venue will be Ibis, in Earls Court.
    You can register at

    Best, Admin

  16. RPM

    Hi All,

    To all those who are still skeptical, have read Eker’s book on Secrets of the Millionaire Mind I would say that try your best to attend the MMI seminar. Believe me, it is worth attending. Attending the seminar is far, far, far, better than just reading the book several times. There are so many exercises in the seminar that you cannot find in the book. Even if you live far away from the seminar venue it would be worth travelling to attend the 3-day live seminar. It will definitely change your life and your thinking just like what happens to me. When you finish the seminar you will be a totally new person.

  17. kc

    Will there be any seminar in singapore in 2010?

  18. Editor

    Hi kc,

    The next Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore will be held between the 26th – 28th November this year. No MMI events will take place in Malaysia, possibly next year.

    You can check out the MMI Asia website for further details:

    Best, Admin

  19. Jym
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use33333
    Value For Money55555

    I just attended one of Harv’s first MMi seminars in Australia, having gained a lot from reading his Millionaire Mind book.

    The man is brilliant, his system and teaching is of the highest quality, and of course he knows how to make money out of it. There is some serious ‘hard sell’ in there as well as a huge amount of value that will help just about anyone improve their financial life if they are willing to let it.

    Harv makes his money on the upsell to other courses he runs, some will be uncomfortable with that, and I’ve seen a few people criticizing him based on this. However, his courses produce results, so I don’t support the argument that there’s any kind of ’scam’ going on.

    I recommend anyone with the remotest interest to go along and see for themselves…


  20. Anne

    Hi..I was just wondering, will T. Harv Eker himself be hosting the MMI seminar in Singapore this Nov’10?
    If not, who would be hosting the seminar?
    Cause I read there’s another MMI seminar in Toronto on the same date as the Singapore one.
    Thanks beforehand..=)

  21. Editor

    Hi Anne,

    Yes, Harv Eker himself will be hosting the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Singapore 2010. You can find out more about the event at
    - Admin

  22. Andrew Hobbs

    Hi all,I missed the last MMI in September as I was in Brisbane but I really really want to be at the next one and so does a few of my friends….so we were wondering when your next one in Melbourne is so we can book in.
    kind Regards Andrew

  23. Tony

    Hi there, is it possible to purchase the MMI Home Learning CD Package and is T.Harv Eker likely to be coming to England to conduct a MMI in the near future???

    Warm regards, Tony

  24. Editor

    Hi Tony,
    It has taken forever but the Millionaire Mind Intensive U.K site is finally up and running…The next Millionaire Mind Intensive in London will take place on Friday, 13 May – Sunday, 15 May 2011.
    You can access their new website here:
    Best, Admin

  25. Giridharan

    I have attended the MMI 3 days 26th to 28th Nov 2010. It was mind blowing. I am grateful to my wife who forced me to attend and her brother Ganesh who referred it.

    I feel a great change in my thought process, attitude, belief and regards for others.

    Thanks a Million to T Harv Eker and his Team.

    We have no words to show our Gratitude

  26. MillionaireFactory
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I have attended the MMI 3 days 26th to 28th Nov 2010 in Singapore too. It was life changing, really appreciate Eker’s team for bringing this to Singapore.

  27. Elsa Giraldo

    Hola, he leido el libro de T- Harv Eker y me encantó!!!. Quisiera saber si en el Seminario Intnesivo que se dicta en los Estados Unidos hay traductor simultaneo al español, pues me encantaria asitir pero soy de un pais latino.

  28. Jen

    I see the events in the US are mainly on the East and West coast, will there be anything held in/around the Chicago area?

  29. Summer

    I was wondering if Harv himself will be teaching the program in Vancouver, BC, Canada January 2011???

    I saw him speak in LA a few weeks ago and I found him intriguing.

    I’m nervous about going to an event that is full of hard selling and upsells of a whole bunch of seminars, products and coaching programs. It is exhausting to sit through hard selling and not very uplifting.

    I do, however, want to attend a training that resets the wealth thermostat.

    Can you please give me more info about the event including how many people are attending?


  30. Editor

    Hi Jen,
    To find out where all upcoming Millionaire Mind Intensive events are taking place please visit:
    New cities are entered here on a regular basis.
    Thanks, Admin

  31. Editor

    Hi Summer,
    In order to know if Harv is teaching at the Vancouver event as well as regarding how many people are attending you will have to contact Peak Potentials directly on 1-888-868-8883.
    Thanks, Admin

  32. Elsa

    Quisiera saber si los seminario del curso intensivo MM que se realizan en los Estados Unidos tienen traductor simultaneo

  33. My Millionaire Mentor 2011

    Changing of mindset is the most difficult part to deal with. Anyway, when there’s a will, there’s a way! Keep up the good work!

  34. Jyane

    Lots of positive comments here. Am surprised.
    I just attended the MMI in Sydney. Was so excited about travelling 3000km to attend, after first reading Harv’s book in 2005. All I can say is….it was utter crap.
    Firstly, I went to see Harv, and Harv wasnt even running it!!! Talk about false advertising!
    Not sure if it was a load of crap because it wasnt Harv or whether its the pathetic repetition and dumbing down of the delivery, but it was embarrassingly condecending. We lasted until 11.30am the first day. About 10.45 on the second day and didnt bother going on the third day.
    Perhaps this is a good intro to wealth creation for newbies? but if you have been in this for awhile – do yourself a favour and skip this one. Go UPW with Anthony Robbins or the 21st Century events with Jamie McIntyre for a quality event!

  35. Lulu
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I attended the MMI last weekend in Sydney. It was not run by Harv himself as I thought . But Doug did a great job. I was doing ok with some similar philosophy in life and money, but hey, it was such an amazing course that lifted me to a new level! only I wish the people who matters in my life attended the course as well. So thank u. Will definitely recommend to others. By the way, it won’t work for half way runners. U just missed too much.

  36. Debbie

    hi, I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Sydney last weekend as well. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it as a refresher for all the other personal development courses/seminars I attended I did think the hard sell was hard core and delivered in his best evangalist American preacher style (you can take the course or you can rot in hell for another 67 years doing same old same old – you choose! ) . I could not help but think the positive mindset (our new millionaire minds) were being conditioned to believe and accept the fact that anything is possible including spending several thousands of dollars on a variety of courses that we didn’t know we needed. After all weren’t we there to be fixed in the first place, wasn’t 3 days going to do it? The delivery was very professional and I warmed to Doug (once I realized it was not T Herv Eker,(whom I had never heard of before anyway so who cares) the thee format had elements of Landmark (which, by comparison is much better value for personal development if you can resist being forced to ring everyone you ever knew to convince them to come to a seminar!) NLP, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, good old fashioned counselling mixed with teamwork, comradarie, breaking through fear and old beliefs, exercises ((think back when you first felt alone, angry, who are you angry with etc,)… I got quite interested in the course “Never Work Again”. Has anyone done it. I am keen to know what business opportunities are available……since its new to Australia no one can advise…so I guess I have to pay the course fee to find out. Is it Ostrich eggs? Woodchips (nah I got those already) or what? Jamie McIntyre does a similar thing but with Forex, trading , property, EFT’s etc….. I must not be a smart investor because I don’t make $1,500 per week..OR PERHAPS its just all too good to be true. Anyone every made any money from a seminar get rich quick scheme. I have’nt yet…still chasing break even or given up…. does my head in trying to find the Passive Income golden goose..


    Is there a possibility of simultaneous translation into Spanish in one of world events (apart from Barcelona, has already happened)?

    ¿Hay posibilidad de traducción simultánea al español en alguno de los eventos mundiales (aparte del de Barcelona, que ya ha pasado)?

  38. Editor

    Hi Enrique,
    We’re not 100% sure of this. Your best bet would be to phone Peak Potentials (Harv’s company) directly and ask. They can be reached at 001(U.S) 888-868-8883.
    Best, Admin

  39. Susan

    Just how old are these comments? what does it mean in the Terms and Conditions where it say’s All offers may change without notice. Also what are they talking about in T&C
    You may CANCEL this transaction, without any Penalty or Obligation, within THREE BUSINESS DAYS (TEN BUSINESS DAYS if purchased in Canada) from the date of purchase.
    If you cancel, any property traded in, I don’t plan on Trading Anything, OR EVEN BEING CONVICED TO Trade Anything

  40. Editor

    Hi Susan,

    These comments range from two years to a week ago.
    I think what Peak Potentials Training mean in their Terms & Conditions is that in regards to their seminars, the dates, venues, trainers etc. can change without notice.
    In regards to the Cancellation Policy we at are not entirely sure how they work it but if you want to find out please call their Client Care Support at 1-888-868-8883

    Best, Admin

  41. Drew Fraser
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of UseNot Rated
    Value For Money55555

    Millionaire Mind Intensive is simply awesome for getting to grips with managing your money, learning about how to create money in order to invest and lastly knowing what to invest in.

  42. Peart Siwale

    Would like to know the dates for seminar in South Africa and Malaysia

  43. Editor

    Hi Peart,
    I believe there are talks about conducting a Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in South Africa however nothing has been confirmed and there is no guarantee that there will be one. For Malaysia the next Millionaire Mind Intensive is taking place 9-11 December, 2011. You can find out more about that seminar here:
    Best, Admin

  44. Richard Crisp
    Overall Rating11111
    Ease Of Use11111
    Value For Money11111

    Hello, I felt compelled to come on here and leave a comment. I was given a free ticket to go along to the millionaire mind intensive this weekend and thought what an amazing opportunity. I sat through the first day with growing disgust at the unethical, bullying, mind washing tactics being used by the so called trainers (99% sales, 1% training).

    There were approx 1,500 people in the crowd at the start and believe me this rapidly dwindled down throughout the day, we were told that if we didn’t stay until the end you were a failure. You were patronised, talked at, belittled and frankly given very little useful information.

    Talk about unethical, at one point we were told that they were giving us a book as a gift, you had to get in first as there wasn’t enough to go round, they created a mass charge for the back of the room and whilst people were running, knocking chairs over etc, they revealed that it was a gift at only £10. One person came over to me and said what have I just done, I said you bought a book, he said I thought it was free… So wrong.

    I left after the first day along with 8 other people in my group, the following morning I spoke to at least 10 people in the hotel I was staying at that had travelled from Denmark who had also walked away.

    As for being a failure for walking away, I would like to remind you all that free will is not failing, to follow blindly and at financial cost is not to have a millionaire mind.

    Stay away!

  45. William Truong


    Could you please provide the email contact for Australia? I couldn’t find it on the website.

    Many thanks,

  46. Editor

    Hi William,
    Please try the two numbers found at the bottom of this website:

  47. Christa Herzog

    I have heard Harv in a seminar. It was very uplifting. But I don’t think I could have taking him for more as those 2 hours. What I mean: I was bit exhausted. I said to myself that would you need this energy Have has to become a millionair, I would have little chance. Lucky me, what it is about in the first place is a specific thinking pattern, feelings and a higher vibration, which doesn’t mean to have to be a highly vibrant person.

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